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CAL <cal@...>

You spend a lot of time here helping people. It also seems that the "moderator"   [whoever that is]  is MIA. HINT! HINT!
What say the rest of you members????

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Many things can effect how fast a message is posted. Yahoo is kind of like a road crew that constantly has your streets torn up but never seem to finish the job. The latest PIA is undelivered mail messages. It seems there are some new members that entered invalid email addresses, or old members that changed there address. When this happens members start getting these bounced messages. The Moderator is supposed to rectify this by contacting or removing the offending member. Has anyone else been getting these recently?

CAL net> wrote:
I agree with Denny in that the posting of replies or new threads does seem rather inconsistent. I have had emails as fast as I could down load the mail and at other times a couple of hours. Until Denny mentioned it I just blamed my ISP.
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Denny, you're not being moderated. There is no way in hell that your post would have made it to the board that fast if you were. When a member is on moderated status his or her (?) post goes to the moderator's in-box, via a Yahoo "Moderate Notification", which includes a link to the Accept-Reject page. If the moderator isn't reading his mail it could sit there for days or weeks until it expires. Considering the fact that you are a very active (and Valued) member here, I think you will be much happier selecting "Receive Individual Emails" in your preferences section. Follow the link that Cal sent.

Dennis Turk> wrote:
Wow this thing was there when I went back to the home page. That has
to be a record.

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...> wrote:
> Hi Chris
> I don't get group emails so I can only post on the board posting.
> don't give you a second chance of it does not go. I used to do all
> my work in word and then past it over but I have since down loaded
> IeSpell so I can do a spell check right in a dialog box. Works
> except when this happens.
> AS to time from hitting send till it shows up. Well most of the
> its at least a half hour once in a wile it be there in five minutes
> or so and I have even had it show up in less than 30 seconds but by
> that is not normal. Now On the Drummond Yahoo group in England the
> post are always there in about two minutes. Jeff's site they are
> there before you can even check to see if it made it.
> I only belong to four or five groups and only two of them are SB
> this one is the one with all the problems. Drummond and Dalton
> groups work great.
> Say I was looking over my profile page and I did not see were I can
> check anything that would allow me to receive emails. It would be
> handy for pictures since most of the guys don't have a flicker
> site. I really like that site and I see Steve is using it now. I
> have family members that are using it and they like it. I only use
> it for machine stuff.
> Nuff for now
> Turk
> --- In, Chris Strazzeri
> wrote:
> >
> > Denny, your guess is as good a anyone. Our moderator is an
> When was that last time any of us heard from him-her-whatever? If I
> didn't know any better I would say that the group is synonymous
> the "Flying Dutchman"! In the interim, go to your "SENT" folder,
> retrieve it, and send it again. Or just wait and see if it
> goes through. It could simply be another Yahoo hiccup.
> >
> > Chris
> >
> >
> > Dennis Turk > wrote:
> > Hi Chris
> >
> > I had just completed a three page post and as I sent it the
> went
> > down and it did not make it or at least not yet. Damn that is the
> > third time this has happened to me. Are you sure there is not
> someone
> > looking at these post before they are put up. All three times the
> post
> > I had written would have been viewed as controversial. HMMMMMMM I
> > think Big Brother is watching.
> >
> > Turk
> >

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