Re: Service Problem My South Bend 9" just gave me....HELP

dirigo28 <dirigo28@...>

When you made the last pass did you just disengage the
clutch, or place the power feed selector lever on the
apron in neutral or perhaps put the reversing lever in
neutral? If you just disengaged the clutch then the problem
is in the apron and it will required removal and disassembly.
If you had to move the power feed selector lever then the
problem is still in the apron. If it required placing the
reversing lever in neutral to free it up then the problem is
in the gear train between the headstock and gearbox at the
left end of the lathe or in the gearbox itself. First check
and see if there is any binding in the gear train, if not then
the gearbox is binding and will require removal and disassebly.

Ed G

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