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I agree with Denny in that the posting of replies or new threads does seem rather inconsistent. I have had emails as fast as I could down load the mail and at other times a couple of hours. Until Denny mentioned it I just blamed my ISP.

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Denny, you're not being moderated. There is no way in hell that your post would have made it to the board that fast if you were. When a member is on moderated status his or her (?) post goes to the moderator's in-box, via a Yahoo "Moderate Notification", which includes a link to the Accept-Reject page. If the moderator isn't reading his mail it could sit there for days or weeks until it expires. Considering the fact that you are a very active (and Valued) member here, I think you will be much happier selecting "Receive Individual Emails" in your preferences section. Follow the link that Cal sent.

Dennis Turk> wrote:
Wow this thing was there when I went back to the home page. That has
to be a record.

--- In, "Dennis Turk"
...> wrote:
> Hi Chris
> I don't get group emails so I can only post on the board posting.
> don't give you a second chance of it does not go. I used to do all
> my work in word and then past it over but I have since down loaded
> IeSpell so I can do a spell check right in a dialog box. Works
> except when this happens.
> AS to time from hitting send till it shows up. Well most of the
> its at least a half hour once in a wile it be there in five minutes
> or so and I have even had it show up in less than 30 seconds but by
> that is not normal. Now On the Drummond Yahoo group in England the
> post are always there in about two minutes. Jeff's site they are
> there before you can even check to see if it made it.
> I only belong to four or five groups and only two of them are SB
> this one is the one with all the problems. Drummond and Dalton
> groups work great.
> Say I was looking over my profile page and I did not see were I can
> check anything that would allow me to receive emails. It would be
> handy for pictures since most of the guys don't have a flicker
> site. I really like that site and I see Steve is using it now. I
> have family members that are using it and they like it. I only use
> it for machine stuff.
> Nuff for now
> Turk
> --- In, Chris Strazzeri
> wrote:
> >
> > Denny, your guess is as good a anyone. Our moderator is an
> When was that last time any of us heard from him-her-whatever? If I
> didn't know any better I would say that the group is synonymous
> the "Flying Dutchman"! In the interim, go to your "SENT" folder,
> retrieve it, and send it again. Or just wait and see if it
> goes through. It could simply be another Yahoo hiccup.
> >
> > Chris
> >
> >
> > Dennis Turk > wrote:
> > Hi Chris
> >
> > I had just completed a three page post and as I sent it the
> went
> > down and it did not make it or at least not yet. Damn that is the
> > third time this has happened to me. Are you sure there is not
> someone
> > looking at these post before they are put up. All three times the
> post
> > I had written would have been viewed as controversial. HMMMMMMM I
> > think Big Brother is watching.
> >
> > Turk
> >

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