Re: Adding more machines dealers w/ horizontals

Thomas G Brandl

What he really needs is a Lucas Mill (ebay 200090136276). Just kidding. Or there is a DeVlieg for $13K. More kidding. There are a couple of Trekker-Kerneys with the vertical head (160095203228). There are two Brown & Sharpes (270099044074). One has a vertical head. There are two benchtop Atlas horizontal mills (280094611386 and 200091174016). I think Burke might make something in that size too. The B&S looks about Bridgeport size, maybe a bit smaller. With a vertical head, it would be sweet. Also, Hardinge make some horizontal mills, vertical too. They look to be smaller sized. I'm not sure if they make a vertical head for the horizontal. I think they goe for a bit though.

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