Re: feed handles hitting ea. other.


Yeah, my '40s 13" does the same thing as does my '30s 415. It's
inherent and is avoided by angling the compound off zero.

If you want to eliminate it, you must re-manufacture your cross-feed
screw and bushing to move the handle further out by quite a bit. Is
the annoyance factor worth it? OTOH, you could make this your
opportunity to make and install large dials :)

Ed in Florida

--- In southbendlathe@..., "rudd long" <rudd135@...> wrote:

I've got a '42 vintage 13" machine. If the compound is set at 0
degrees, the compound and cross feed screw handles will interefere
ea other. I have the small dials FWIW - has anyone else run into
Quite annoying.

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