Re: Adding more machines

Dennis Conway <dconway00@...>


Where are these dealers with the small horizontals?


rudd long wrote:

I recently picked up a sheldon vernon #0 horiz. mill for 200 bux. I
have a drill press, therefore, mill-drill is covered.
And I *LIKE* thinking sideways. And it's small. And rigid.
I have heard few good reviews on the import mill-drills. And my south
bend has some nice company in the shop at night that speaks the same
I saw a bunch of nice small horizontals at dealers for 500 bux asking
price. You can put in a collet, stick in an endmilluse an angle plate
and do most anything a non-quilled vert. will do, plus, the chip fall
OUT of the hole rather than sitting down there dulling your cutter.
I've run bridgies, this is alot more bang for the buck.

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