Re: available SB Workshop lathe

Steve Wells

I forgot to tell you about this item: ebay 170091546357
Never heard of a 1933 Model C so this is a tool maker turning
gear, can't tell if the bore is screwed up or if that is crud. He gives a tool maker
model number, he states aprox 1933, Its a 1934 about sept or oct.
5/8 bore so did the 8" and tool maker use the wide-bed standard change gears?


Dennis Turk wrote:

Hi Bill and Steve

OK Bill take a look at your saddle to see if there is a little bump
on the right rear saddle wing. Also what is the total length
dimension of the saddle form right to left? The tail stock on my
lathe is a cross between a 405 and a 20 series tool makers lathe.
Not exactly like either one and not at all like the normal workshop
lathe tail stock. It also has the shorter barrel like the tool
makers lathe. If your saddle has this little bump on the back and
the saddle lock is at the right front what you have is the same as
mine. These are in fact modified 405 castings. The apron is exactly
like a 405 but has right hand threads on the half nuts were the 405
was left hand. I should have the rest of this lathe today or the
first of next week so I can see if there is any difference in the
bed, lead screw and its mounts. I am betting they are standard 415

If you take your threading tag off be really careful of it as its
paper thin aluminum if its like mine is.

The end door looks just like the standard 415 workshop but has a 3/8
hing pin rather than the more common 1/2 inch. The door mount arm is
just the same as my other later 415's.


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Hi, Bill
Yes, I got the picture and thanks. It is a match to Denny's plate.
Now you just might have a lathe that is a bit rarer, the serial
puts it
in 1935 maybe October, I think Denny has one with 62735 and it's
1935. A picture of the tail stock for him would be nice. There is
something different on some
of these early 415's besides the plate. If the tail stock looks
like a 405 or a later 415, it could be another prototype machine,
I believe, Denny has. The casting number in
inside on the bed walls, most likely on the rear wall, but could be
the front rear, take a look for it also, I would like to have it
for my
serial number file.


wllmwgtn wrote:

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<>, Steve Wells <wswells@>

Could we have your serial number and casting date, if it has
Also is it possible to get a closer picture of the threading
is the plate
with the gear diagrams, of which I haven't seen many.


I finally found the serial number - 62537. Did you get the
picture you
asked for?


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