Re: available SB Workshop lathe

Steve Wells

I'm almost 100% sure it's the the same tag....


Steve Wells wrote:

I'll send it in e-mail so you can see it, I think it's a match.
we need a closer picture from Bill...


Dennis Turk wrote:

Hi Steve

The plate you are referring to Steve mine is just paper thin metal.
Its about .010 aluminum not brass. I have never seen a SB tag this
thin before. That is why I think this lathe is a prototype or one of
the very first 415's shipped. I now have the tail stock and Jim
Parquetti was right. The rear part of the flat slide way shows
almost no marks at all and the front part there mite be a couple of
tenths of ware but man this thing is like brand new. The bed has not
got here yet but Jim said on a scale of 1 to 10 this one is an 8 or
9. Just a couple of very small dings under the chuck but not any
ware showing on the slide ways. The saddle had almost no signs of
ware on it ether. The cross slide is likes like new.

I have not got the compound yet as it was packed with the bed and
lead screw. The only thing I did not get to this lathe was the head
stock. Jim wonted a good fair price for it and in retrospect should
have gotten it when he offered it to me. He was holding out for a
good price because it was a V belt drive. If the head stock was as
good as the rest of the lathe someone got something like brand new.
Funny how some of these things survive without ever being used.

I just got a tail stock and apron from a mid to early thirties series
S 9 inch tool room lathe. You may have seen it on eBay as they were
kind of a florescent green. Really ugly. The thing is the apron is
like brand new. The half nuts don't look like they were ever used
and the hand wheel pinion shaft and gears are tight and no signs of
ware or chip damage in any of the teeth. So how did this survive.
sure was not the ugly green paint.


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Yes, I'd like to have it, at some point, if I have enough time I'd
to attempt to make a few.
The size of the plate would help too.

Denny, if your reading this the same plate?


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