Re: searching for 22A cross slide

Steve Wells

I used a 1 HP 6 amp on A, 3 amp on F, 180V-A /200V-F DC motor, a Browning/Emerson I found listed as new old stock. Still
wrapped...hmmm for $165.00, since I knew it was a Baldor made motor and listed new for about $800.00,
I thought it was a steal. its 1750 rpm continuous duty rated in a 56 CZ frame, It fit right in my heavy 10 drive.
I wired it just as a straight 4 wire shunt. I bought a bare board Dart 125DV-C as I had a Wood's E-trol+ that had fried
a year earlier on something else. The speed pot is only 5K and 2W, ran from the board controller. I know on these Darts
and probably the woods also you can run a 10 turn master pot and get a finer control of speed. You can also run two
10K pots in parallel with a wiper switch (SPDT) for two speed operations. The woods box only had a run/stop switch which
would stop the motor but, leave the field powered up, using an inhibit circuit. I don't like live power when the switch is off, so 
I changed that out for a 4PDT and wired L1 and L2 in the center off, and armature reversing in the outer left / right , that's a
12 tab switch, so I had 4 jumper wires. The inhibit switch also gave it a fast start, which caused it to "Hunt" for a second or two,
which I also didn't like. It ramps up just right now, and is smoother on the speed changes. The dart is rated at 125% I think.
I only run it at max 1800 rpm. That Dart fit right in the Woods box and screwed right down to the heat sink! It has a lot of other add-ons.
I use it kinda bare bones. For the cost ya can't beat it.

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