Re: New to the group and have new SB. What do I have?

Steve Wells

Hi Brad,
As for posting, yes you are responding correctly. Although we
might keep in mind that when we reply directly by e-mail and attach
something, those that are not subscribed to receive e-mail posts will
not get it. Also they will not see your message, unless they are reading the
group board. I believe you have to edit your user profile to knock out the
email address from showing. There's nothing wrong at all with keeping the
9-10K pin shifter, in fact I would prefer it to the other, but keep the old
one just in case you need it. The bed casting number is cast into the inner
bed walls, sometimes on the rear inner left of center, sometimes on the right
front inner right of center, I also just seen one right rear inner. You should
find 5 or 6 numbers in there somewhere, three sets of two numbers, like
8 15 36 or 10 15 36 for the month, day and year. This is not necessarily

when the bed was cast, but might have been the future date of when the bed could
be ready for final plane, after the last planning they seasoned for 4 to 6 weeks
and then were scraped and built in lots of about 100. The serial numbers were
stamped in build, not as they were sold, so you can see at times serial numbers
that are out of wack with the "known numbers by date" If SB had a stash of
lathes built up and some didn't sell as the were built, they still sold them maybe just the next you can see a 1938 that by number should be a 37 or a 28 that should be a 27.

and so on.


bradlazer wrote:

Thanks Steve
First of all am I responding to replies I received to my question
Second how do I keep my email address from showing up?
I would be more than glad to give you that casing number if I could
find it. I just went out and looked for it. Where is it located? I did
find the old reversing lever in an original box with the part number
SXS635K2. It also had the original receipt. The lever assembly plus 2
gears and stud nuts came to $19.93 and that's with tax! It was
purchased at Reynolds Machinery Co. in Cleveland Ohio. So the one
that's on there now is not the original. The lathe was in the same
family since new. I bought it from the grandson of the original owner.
Said he used it as a young boy learning how to use it from his
grandfather. Thanks for all the information and fell free to down load
the pictures. Let me know if you have any trouble. I may have set it
up so no one could down load them. If so I'll change it.


--- In southbendlathe@... <>, "Steve Wells" <wswells@...> wrote:

Hello Brad and Welcome,
your serial number places you lathe at Sep or Oct of 1936.
it is a Workshop lathe not a model C. The catalog number is
415RA, Flat belt type, adjustable Horizontial drive bench lathe.
I would like to have the casting number from the inside of the bed
wall if you don't mind looking.
The reverse shifter appears to be an adapted later model pin type
with an adaptor plate behind it.
Maybe from a 10K. The thread dial appears to be an atlas or logan
adapted one.
Nice pictures and nice restore project....I'm saving your pictures
to my files...


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