Re: New old Southbend lathe

Dennis Turk <dennis.turk2@...>

Hi John also

If you give me your catalog number I can scan in an image from the
correct year catalog for you. If you email me at dennis.Turk at I can send it to you. I also have a small stash of spare
parts for the early 9 inch. I currently have a 1927 9 Jr. going
through restoration right now so I should be able to answer just about
any question about your lathe you may have.


Hello John,
Welcome, Your lathe by serial number and casting date would probably
be a 1928, built sometime in January, you can confirm this by
Lablond. They should be able to tell you the ship date. tear down the
lathe for movement, everything will bolt right back up, after you
it. Don't run the lathe until you have cleaned and checked the
headstock bearings. There is much info in the files to help. There is
wealth of knowledge in the members of this group, great guys.
I for one would like to see pictures of your Junior...I like the old

Steve Wells

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