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I moved my 9" long bed all by myself when I inherited it from my dad. I
took off the headstock, tailstock, and carriage. I cut the belt to get
the motor countershaft assembly separate as I had to shorten the belt
anyway for my bench, but you can also take the axle out on the cone step
pulleys. With the lathe in pieces it was easily a one man job.well maybe
I shouldn't say is still fairly heavy, but nothing to complain
about. I wasn't at all worried about messing up the alignment as all the
assemblies key off the ways and will go right back where they came from.


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This is my first posting so hello every one. Just purchased a 9 inch
jr.serial# 37568 date on casting is 11-15-27. Is taking the head stock
off easy? What do you suggest. It has a long Bed and is very heavy
and has to be taken out of a basement moved 5 miles and down again into
my basement. Thanks John

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