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Dennis Turk <dennis.turk2@...>

Hi Steve

Yes they are for the early simplex drive. They are just like the
ones to my complete set of parts I have.

If anyone is interested in a complete setup for an early Simplex
drive I have it. Motor pulley,large drive pulley, bearings, bearing
standards, and shaft with cone pulley for a 9 inch Series lathe.

I would sell this setup unless someone has the long cast standards
that bolted to a bench and then supported all of this above the lathe.


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I'm getting ready to list these on fleabay, and I'll offer them
I have a set of countershaft boxs I've been holding on to way to
They are really in great condition, and I am picky, do not have
for them. They are part number 106 of the double friction
in the catalogs, they also may fit the simplex motor drive, flat
style. The 7/8 shaft fit is perfect, with the felts in, I would say
would be "As Shipped SBLW". If you are restoring a countershaft,
want new boxs, you just found them. I have posted
pictures and frames from the 35 parts catalog on this link:

Back line for price @ wswells@...

Steve Wells

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