unfinished castings

Dennis Turk <dennis.turk2@...>

Hi all

My buddy the Ratshooter told me there was someone that had unfinished
castings for scraping standards. I know there had been some talk about
cross slides and such but does anyone know of these and who has them
for sale. After Forrest Addy's class I fee confident that I can make
my own standard flats and dovetail for some of the work I am doing.

Also the Ratshooter is working on two scraper hones for keeping a keen
edge on your scraper. Forrest had a rather crud one he had made but it
worked great. One thing I did find at the class was Biax scraping
tools hold up better than any other brands that were there. Even the
ones Forrest made and were for sale. Ratshooter told me he is photo
documenting the hone project so expect it in the home shop machinist
magazine in the future. Tim Clarke is his real name and he has done
several articles for the magazine. The only way we would get him on
this list is if I give him a SB lathe. Owe trust me he will be getting
several of them when I kick off."-)))))


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