Re: Odd 405 parts?

Steve Wells

could I have your serial number for my database, I'm collecting
pre 1939 numbers, and I must state that the numbers I have disprove
some of the posted statements that "xx year started with serial #
xxxxx" I have your pictures you sent, but I can't find a serial
number. My own pc crashed at work this last Friday and of course
the system IT administrator (me) didn't do a backup of his own
data...LOL...I lost a lot of files, but not all of my SBL stuff.
I had that on a thumb drive. A note to all...if you have a pre
39 and have a known confirmed ship date, post your serial number
and date for me.


PS....Denny, I have a lead on your non shepard lathe...hehe
I think I know what the SP means and it's not a Pond.

--- In, "Jim B." <eeengineer@...>

My 405 was shipped in December of 1934.

The cross slide does have the setscrew for the nut. It does not
have the
dual bosses. (They were badly needed.)
It does have two holes for oil on the far end just above the
dovetails. It
also has two 5/16 tapped holes for "accessories" on the crank
handle side.
And it has an additional reticule mark 180 degrees opposite the one
show, on the crank handle side, so that you can rotate the compound
internal threading.

Jim B.

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex....
It takes a
touch of genius -- and a lot of courage to move in the opposite

Albert Einstein/ EF Schumacher (ATCMB)

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405 owners take a look and see if any of your lathes match these.

I have just uploaded four picture on my flicker photo site showing
this odd
405 saddle and cross slide.


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