Re: Odd 405 parts?

Steve Wells

This would be a good subject to expand on, as myself
and probably a lot of other members do not have complete catalog
files. There is always confusion over the models and some thinking
they have a model C that was not really made until late 38 or early
39, it being a 15 model, which in fact could be a model C if the
correct year. the post 39 C could be a 15(X)B, X being the length, as
in 15YB is a 3 foot bench lathe with counter shaft drive, B being
bench mount lathe. Other C post 39's are 415 for Horizontal Motor
Drive or "HMD" bench mount, 615 for HMD bench mount, the 4 being 6
speed and the 6 being 12 speed. A 515 was an 8 speed V belt HMD. The
715 was a 16 speed V belt.
The 2 digit, 2 letter systems holds true back to what Year? I've seen
it in 27.
Now when I say "counter shaft drive" I mean "DFCS" which is double
friction counter shaft. Any bench mount motor drives are HMD. Correct
me if I'm wrong. I wouldn't mind having an excel sheet broken down in
the models if anyone has one. Also copies of pre 35 catalogs, I would
well pay for the effort. Now I do have "some"...haha.. of the
catalogs and can see the configs by numbers/letters and I also have
some of the original shipping list copies for 28 which shows in their
hand written ledgers how they recorded serial numbers Vs how they
were shipped and the model numbers. But I really would like to have a
34 catalog...:)


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Hi Steve

No the lock is still at the right rear as all tool makers lathes
405 lathe were. By the way the tool makers lathe could carry the
catalog numbers. 20 220 320 420 520 and 3220

The 20 being bench mount and having a double friction ceiling mount
counter shaft. The 220 mounted on short floor legs with chip tray
double friction counter shaft. The 320 was on full floor legs with
the silent chain motor driven counter shaft mounted on the lathe.
The 420 having the adjustable rear bench mount counter shaft. The
520 was powered by the wall mount simplex drive. The 3220 was the
same as the 220 only having a silent chain drive rather than the
double friction counter shaft.

If any one has or knows were there is a silent chain drive for
the 8 Jr. or the 9 inch tool makers lathe I sure would like to get
hands on on. Both lathes used the same silent chain drive.

Also anyone looking for change gears for a 11 or 13 inch lathe I
almost a complete set of really nice ones.


Are you saying that this 405 saddle has a front lock, because
I didn't think the 405's had had to lock the gib.
Send me a picture, please.

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