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Hey great purchase and if you check your bed with a file I think you
will find you have found also one of the elusive flame hardened beds.
If it is the bed alone is worth what you paid for the complete lathe.


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Not to worry about what it may be missing. Parts for South Bends
show up
all the time on eBay. You will be able find a cross slide / compound
very easily. Most people would prefer the T-slot I think except when
threading. So, you could have both and decide on a job by job basis
which to use. I believe the collet nose adapter comes off and chucks
screw on but I will let someone who knows for sure answer that one.
point is at $300 you have a lot of money left over (compared to
buying a
fully equipped lathe) to buy all the accessories you need. The fact
this lathe comes with all those collets is very desirable. They run
more true than work in a three jaw chuck. So, you will only need a
for larger work. The fact that this lathe is a model A, having a
change gearbox means you don't have to mess with rather cumbersome
process of putting on change gears. That is very desirable. The fact
that this lathe has a fairly long bed is desirable as you can turn
longer work. I also has a micrometer stop on the ways. That is a
feature. The three phase motor is probably a good thing as others
said. You just need to buy a small VFD and then you have a variable
speed lathe. One of the areas where this can come in handy is if
you are
threading to a shoulder. If you put the lathe in the slowest gear
put the back gear on it still is a bit fast for some of us to back
the cross slide at the end of the cut. But, if you could slow it
even more (by a factor of 10, say) then at the end of the thread
cut you
would have time to back out the cutter. I think you cannot go wrong
putting in a $300 bid on this lathe.


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Thanks for your comments. I know from a value standpoint that $300
buck would be a steal. But, I'm not buying it to turn around and
it. I need to make sure it's something that "I" can actually use. A
couple of you have said that the T slot Cross Slide is a desirable
feature, but you don't see any provisions to mount the compound
What is the advantage to the T slot arrangment? The only thing I
any experience with is the typical compound rest and tool post. If
compound rest won't fit on it, what will I need in the way of tool
holders to be able to turn and thread with this lathe?

Also, is the collet holder something that can be removed quickly to
install a 3 or 4 jaw chuck?


I really appreciate your comments

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