Light 10 buying decision opinions wanted

imarelicz28 <imarelicz28@...>

Thanks for your comments. I know from a value standpoint that $300
buck would be a steal. But, I'm not buying it to turn around and sell
it. I need to make sure it's something that "I" can actually use. A
couple of you have said that the T slot Cross Slide is a desirable
feature, but you don't see any provisions to mount the compound rest?
What is the advantage to the T slot arrangment? The only thing I have
any experience with is the typical compound rest and tool post. If a
compound rest won't fit on it, what will I need in the way of tool
holders to be able to turn and thread with this lathe?

Also, is the collet holder something that can be removed quickly to
install a 3 or 4 jaw chuck?

I really appreciate your comments

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