Re: Light 10 buying decision opinions wanted


For $300.00 bucks you CAN'T go wrong! You can get that much just for the lever collet closer without the collets! A $150.00 VFD will solve your 3PH motor problem. The T slot Cross Slide is nice (many members here like them) but I don't see any provision to mount the compound on that one?

imarelicz28 wrote:

I've always wanted a small lathe for my workshop. The company I
work for is selling some excess equipment to the employees, by
closed bid. A small South Bend lathe is being sold, that was part
of a "lot" of equipment brought in from another company after an
aquistion, thus I don't know about its past. I've had a couple of
our machinists look it over and it was pronounce to be in very good
condition. They believe it spent most of its days cutting bushings
out of tube stock held by the collets. Here a link to some pic's I
took of it.

After a couple of hours of seaching, I'm fairly certain its a "light

It's a South Bend!
It's basically sound and tight
Small enough that I can disassembly to move to my basement workshop
Large assortment of collets come with it
Nice heavy duty table
It's very similar to SB lathes I learned on in High School and

No tooling other than the collets and tailstock jacobs chuck
no compound rest or tool post
missing head stock cover
motor looks to be 220 3 phase, I don't have 3 phase.

I think that around $300 would buy it. I was really hoping to pick
up a lathe complete with some tooling. If I get this one, I'll need
to find tooling where ever I can, and buy a 220 single phase motor.

Is there some major pitfall to this outfit, that I haven't thought
about? I've got to turn in my bid by Monday the 12th. What would
you do if you were me?


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