Re: plates

David J. Young


I have a Word document that explains how a DIY can do a brass
nameplate that I got off the Internet a while back. If you want it,
send me an e-mail (so that I can get your e-mail address) I'll reply
to you with a copy. My e-mail address is daveyoung@....


--- In southbendlathe@..., "bripaul67" <bryp@...> wrote:

It's a good thing I emailed Randy the exact picture of the data plate
for my 13" SB. He told me that he has the plates for the earlier
model 13" lathes and promptly refunded me. So I'm still in search for
this plate. Randy did refer me to check seller millermachinesales on
Ebay so hopefully he'll reply with good news. In the meantime, I'm
assuming these plates are made by screen printing it on the aluminum??
Does anyone know are are these plates are actually produced?

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