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Thanks very much for taking a look, and for your comments and advice
on my lathe. I'll be sure to check the bearing journals and spindle,
as well as the oiling and felt setup.

Are the hardened spindles you mentioned available from any supplier
these days, or is this something to look for on eBay?

Thanks again,

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Hi Eric

I just took a look at your lathe picture. The lathe you purchased is
a pre 1939 catalog number 415 RA. Remember the A B and C model
workshop lathes were first offered in late 1938 or very early 39 so
your lathe is a top oilier 415 workshop. The C model was a front
oilier and had the hardened and micro polished spindle. Your lathe
will have the soft spindle and the first thing you wont to do is pull
the head stock down for a good inspection cleaning and replacement of
the felt wicks that are in a key-way at to very top of your bearing

In doing so you may find that the spindle and the head stock bearing
journals are scored. If you still have a fair amount of clean
bearing bore that is not damaged you can replace your 415 spindle
with a later hardened ground and micro polished from a later model
lathe. If the bearing journals are badly scored you can replace the
complete head stock with a later one as most have done when they have
found there head stocks to be damaged.

I hope you find that your head stock is in great shape and you are
one of the lucky ones.


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