1936 415 Workshop

Rob Samson <azrobby@...>

Hi Guys

I recently picked up a 1936 (based on serial #) 9" Top Oiler I
is a 415 Workshop. It has a separate 9A Gearbox and screw that
came with it. It would appear someone wanted to convert it to a
Quick Change. Is that possible to convert a 9" 415 Workshop to
a Quick Change using a 9A Gearbox? What are the problems and
would it be like trying to convert a 9C?

I also have a complete 1950's 9A that was my first lathe I purchased
just a couple of years ago so I am still learning on it.

Most of my chip making is related to my hobby which is sport planes
kit and plans built. I currently have a 2/3rd Scale Replica of the
JN4D "Jenny" and working on a RANS S6 Super. Both are to be
powered with auto conversions using the Subaru EA81 1800cc engine
With adapter plates and gearbox for reduction to allow for proper RPM
for propellers which falls in the 1800 - 2200 RPM range. Building
own parts is not only cheaper but gives great satisfaction and
because you know what it is made of and how.

Thanks for any help on the 415 Workshop

Rob Samson
Phoenix, Arizona

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