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Try online metals.

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McMaster-Carr has 12L14 and a couple types of tool steel.


On 2/6/07, Neil Butterfield <neilbfield@...> wrote:

Does anyone have a source for 5/32" (0.1563") dia. CRS or other mild
machinable steel? I'm trying to use an adjustable thread die to cut #8
x 32 threads. I can readily find K & S Engineering steel wire, which
is music wire material and quite hard making machining difficult. An
option may be to anneal the K & S steel wire or purchase 303 stainless
which is also readily available and the most machinable of the
stainless materials. I don't have a lot to make but I spent an
afternoon getting two ¾" lg threads in the K & S material and probably
ruined the thread die.

Thanks, Neil

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