Re: My very amateur Model_C_ restoration and a new lesson in what not to do

Steve Wells

Can you tell me the size and bore, I have an original 12"
with 7/8 bore, maybe send me a picture of the broken pully.
I also have a new smaller 10" Browning 3/4 bore it's an AL104 x
off list is fine.


--- In, Neil Bristol <neil_ljl@...>


I have not posted more than one or two questions here but I want to
share an embarrassing moment with all of you and ask for help.

I recently got my first lathe (a 1937(ish) Model "C"). It was
sitting unused for the last 30+ years under a tarp in a room with a
forge..encrusted in soot and gear-oil but workable. I haven't used a
lathe since about 1974 but it was a South Bend and I always wanted
one since my first experience in Shop class.

I found this one and it was like the "Charlie Brown Christmas
tree": It needed me.

It was(is)

1) Terribly forlorn and unused

2) Pitifully filthy/rusty

3) Wiring wrong and dangerously degraded

4) (Most Importantly) Fixable and Affordable

So home it went with me just before Christmas....

On with the story: Professional Scientist & Intrepid "Tom Swift
Wanna-be" - I rewired it "The Right Way": proper grounding, the
correct gage wire, cleaned and polished the connections, carefully
dissembled and rebuilt the switch, etc.

I tested all the connections and Motor with a multi-meter, etc,etc.

Then the moment of truth and.. an incredible moment of
stupidity...: I set the motor on the bench and turned it on.. all
good then I tried the reverse and too late realized it was very near
the edge. It "leapt off" the bench and fell 3 feet to the floor.

It landed on the pulley assembly which broke into about 10 pieces.
(surprisingly ( too me) it is (was) made from cast iron).

Anyway...all is well with the 60year(+) old GE motor (turns out
that GE made a few well built-long, lasting products before Jack
Welsh came along) Sorry about that.

At any rate if anyone knows the right place to get a pulley for the
motor that would be a help. (I don't want to try contacting LeBlond
as my experience with them is "heart-stopping sticker shock" I
suppose something from McMaster-Carr will work, just need a little
guidance and a catalog #)

Thanks (and sorry for the long story),


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