Re: Yahoo problems

Dave Mucha

--- In southbendlathe@..., Chris Strazzeri <cjstrazz@...>

Yeah Jeff, your Group/Message Board System is light years ahead of
Yahoo's! Your messages are posted instantaneously. Change comes slow
when you're talking about peoples habits.


The problem with message boards are usually that someone sees fit to
make all sorts of seperate chat rooms so the group discussion part is
lost. To me the applealing thing about the Yahoo groups is that it is
more like a large group meeting or convention. the message boards
seem more like private phone calls.

The other thing that make the Yahoo presentation really nice is the
web browsing aspect with e-mail delivery.

I really like being able to read the first few lines of a post or
thread and decide to read and lurk, join in, or pass to the next one.

I really like the message boards for customer service as one can
select a problem, then read all manner of fixes, but as a group chat,
I find them severly wanting.

Just goes to show there is no ideal chat room.


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