Re: Yahoo problems

Jeff Beck

hmmm too bad someone doesnt make a nice web based forum where we can
post this sort of stuff...hmmm

--- In southbendlathe@..., Chris Strazzeri <cjstrazz@...>

Yes Denny, (TSFTNPOVL) The Society For The None Proliferation Of
Vintage Lathes has you under surveillance! Take a look outside. Is
there a black helicopter hovering over your house? :-)


Dennis Turk <dennis.turk2@...> wrote:
Hi all

Is anyone ells besides me having problems with post that do not
it on to the list or take one to two days to get there???? I sent
two days ago and it never made it. The second one I sent took a
24 hours to show up. The one sent a day ago has not made it either.
Something is rotten in Denmark I am afraid.


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