Oiling Mess - or What Oils do I _really_ need?

Michael Oberg

I know that there have been lots of oiling discussions already, so I
apologize if I am just unable to digest all the details and figure out
exactly what I need for my SB 9C lathe.

According to an oiling chart that I found online (mirrored on my
website here: http://www.michaeloberg.net/images/tools/South_Bend_9-10K_OilingChart.jpg),
I need three oils:
(1) ISO 22 for the spindle bearings & apron
(2) ISO 32 for gears and who knows what else
(3) ISO 68 for everything else

I found on MSC the following two products:
Oil - Lubricants Type: No. 10 Spindle Oil Container Size: 1
Gal. 60002136 $17.23
Oil - Lubricants Type: No. 2 Way Oils Container Size: 1
Gal. 60002151 $18.69
No.10 Spindle oil is ISO 22
No. 2 Way oil is ISO 68

I have notes from online discussions and other reference sites that
says that these two oils are all that I really need, is this true? Is
there a way to buy them in smaller quantities?

Thanks for the help,


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