Re: converting a model C to a B


Dennis Turk wrote:

Hi Ed

What year was you lathe built??? If after 1939 you stand a chance of a
A or B apron fitting your saddle if its a pre 1939 415 probably not.


--- In, "doity9" wrote:
> I have a really fine model C with a four foot bed that I would like
> convert to a powered cross feed. What do I actually need to do this?
> MY lathe still has the scrapings on the ways so I really don"t want
> to sell it and buy a B or C. I can live with the change gears but
> sure would like a powered crodd feed.
> Thanks ED

Thanks for the quick reply.  The lathe is a cat.# 415AC  and the number on the bed is 99242  can you date this for me   Thanks ED

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