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Hi John,

One of my many other hobbies is jewelry making (let's call it
investment casting here, it sounds more macho). I was intending to use
some of the solder I use for soldering silver to silver. I have
several different grades "hard, medium, eazy, extra eazy". They are
intended to be used in multiple step fabrication processes where the
next solder operation uses a lower temp solder than the last. This
worked fine on the cross slide nuts I made, but that was soldering
bronze to bronze. I have never tried it on cast iron.

Glen Reeser ...

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I am a bit leary of brazing
bronze as the melting points may be incompatible.

Use a low temperature silver solder such as EasyFlo or PhosCopper.
Both melt
and run far below the melting point of bronze. Some here will not
PhosCopper on boilers because of the sulfer products in coal fired
locomotives, so don't burn coal on your lathe if you use PhosCopper

John Meacham
California High Desert
12 inch Atlas, Minimill,

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