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Hello group members!

Found this group a while ago & have enjoyed reading & learning -
decided it's time to start participating.

Have had a '49 9" model C 3' for a while. It was given to me by a
generous uncle who was no longer using it. He bought the lathe used
when he was only 15 - would have been about 1963. He actually only
used it for a few years, after which it sat for more than 20 yrs till
I cleaned it up & started using it.

The old lathe is in very good condition w no discernable wear on the
ways. The downside is that most of the change gears were stored in a
box that was kept in a damp area and were destroyed by rust.

Now...a couple of questions I'd like to ask:

Seems that the 9" models, the 10K, and 10L were all in production at
the same time for some number of years. I understand that the 9" and
the 10K are very similar and wonder why they continued with both?
Almost seems like the 10K might have been a replacement for the 9".
Any comments?

Also, I've often wondered how much difference there is in performance
between the 9" or 10K and the heavy 10 (10L)?


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