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I think someone posted plans or photos for a dauber in the files or photos section here a few weeks ago. Was that you Scott Logan?

I may make daubers for my machines, just for fun.

Glen Reeser

Hi there,
Well I've been lurking in the shadows for the past couple of months,
and finally figured out how to post a message. I guess I've joined
and activated at least 4 times, but I finally hit the right combo.
What a trip.
I have a 9" SB, Bench C Model that I inherited from my Grandfather.
It is a 1936 Model, and I've been using it since 1963. Ive made
everything from Engine nozzels for Solid Fuel Rockets(Hobby Type) to
firearms and extra tooling for the lathe itself. But that is not the
Interesting part...My Grandfather had a sub contract with the
Manhattan Project back in the early 40's, and 6 pieces used in the
first Atomic Bombs were made on this lathe. He went on to build
quite a few parts haveing to do with the firing mechanism on the MK 4
Torpedo, which was one of the first Electric Torpedos made by the
Westinghouse in Sharon Pa.
My Grandfathers Shop was in Sandy Lake Pa. I have quite a few of his
papers and some of his jigs and fixtures he used during the
manufacture of the parts. So as you can see it is an interesting
lathe to me, plus the family history tied in with it.
I have collected alot of SB data over the years, but there is one
question, that I havae never had answered yet. And I havn't been
able to find it in any of the manuals I have.
On the Tail Stock of the 9" lathe and some of the other Models, there
is a hole opposite the locking lever for the spindle. I haven't
measured this hole, but it is about 3/8" in dia and about 1" deep.
The only thing I have ever used it for was to put the Drill Chuck Key
in while drilling Center holes or some other setup using the Drill
Chuck. Anybody have any ideas?
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