This is to apologize to the group and to Stan Stocker in particular
for a thoughtless comment I made on this list. When I logged on to my
computer last Thursday night, I saw a message posted that asked to
unsubscribe from the group. The posting had my E-mail address in it.
I was shocked and appalled. I had not even read my E-mail because I
was more interested in what was going on in the Southbendlathe group.
It took me a few minutes to figure out that someone had replied to my
posting about a milling attachment by stripping out all of the content
except the part "in a message dated........Gorvil writes,,,," and
adding the request to please unsubscribe.

I reacted hastily with a message saying this is not me asking to get
off the list. I should not have used the word beginning with a J to
describe the person who had sent the unsubscribe request. This person
had surely not done it maliciously, but rather was inexperienced with
Yahoo groups and had accidentally made it appear that I wanted out.

Stan was nice enough to offer advice on how to do this to me via an
off-list E-mail. He assumed I meant him when I used the J word. I
had not even read his courteous E-mail offering help. He was
justifiably angry when he saw my posting apparently calling him a

My next posting was not clear enough explaining what happened or
apologizing for the comment and Stan posted another indignant reply.

The content of this message board comes in several different ways,
digested via E-mail, via individual E-mail and directly from Yahoo.
The messages are sometimes delayed for a time before they are posted.
Direct E-mails from members may be received and read before or after
the posted message. The messages can be displayed expanded by thread
or in chronological order. All of these things leave possible avenues
for misunderstanding.

I think Stan and I have shaken hands and made up. I for one will
never call anyone on or off this list anything other than a gentleman,
even that gentleman from Bristol,

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