Re: Attn Gorvil: Maybe I have to eat my words?


Hi Stan,

I was referring to the person who asked to unsubscribe and made it
appear that it was me. I am sure there are no jerks on this list,
but anyone who would not want to be a part of this wonderful
community is suspect. I don't usually indulge in name calling and I
will try to refrain in the future.

Glen Reeser

--- In southbendlathe@y..., Stan Stocker <skstocker@a...> wrote:

I just realized there were two ways to read this, one way saying I
was a
jerk for sending you an email, one way that says the original person
requesting the unsubscribe was the jerk.

While I wouldn't consider a person sending an unsubscribe in a
reply, to
the wrong address, a jerk, I would wish that they would take a peek
the end of the messages so they could do it right.

If I jumped the start on the last reply, my appologies to you and


gorvil wrote:

Hey, this isn't me. Some jerk replied to my posting asking to
unsubscribe. I love this group. I learn something every day.

Glen Reeser

--- In southbendlathe@y..., alv3769@a... wrote:

In a message dated 3/7/02 2:50:56 PM Eastern Standard Time,

<< southbendlathe-unsubscribe@e...
please remove my name from the email list

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