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I did more or less the same thing to mount a Taig headstock to my
cross slide to make a grinder attachment. The Taig headstock is just
the right height to match up with the center of the SB 9" spindle
when seated flat on the cross slide. Taig sent me a piece of the
dovetail extrusion to mount the headstock to my home made circular
dovetail. A DC motor from a tread mill from E-bay and a light dimmer
switch with a full wave rectifier completed the project.

I have a Sherline lathe/mill and a similar set up would work with the
headstock from this machine. You would have to make a block to raise
the headstock 3/4" or so to match the SB lathe spindle center
height. The spindle speed might not be high enough for grinding
without the high speed pully option or your own custom pulleys.

Glen Reeser

--- In southbendlathe@y..., "brian_p_sherwood" <lurch@m...> wrote:
That's what I did...sort of. Actually, I turned a circular
piece to fit the attachment in place of the compound. It sits a
little low but other than that it works ok. Taig's method of
fixturing the workpiece doesn't impress me, but the price sure is
right. Someday I'll make a spacer for under it or a t-nut to put
on the compound, one or the other.

--- In southbendlathe@y..., "Matt Pierce" <ml_roak@h...> wrote:
Has anyone ever considered mounting a Taig milling attachment to
compound on their lathe,
I've been looking at these on the net but I've never seen one in
Would this work!
The prices that SB milling attachments have been fetching is
me ;-)

Matt Pierce

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