Re: Gear Cover

David Smith <homessearch@...>

--- In southbendlathe@..., "Fred Lusen" wrote:
> I have been off of the list for some time now but am finally starting a
> complete restoration of my 9A.
> Has anyone removed the hinge pin from the gear cover? Mine is wabbling
> around so the cover does not close well without having to lift it up.
> Since there is nothing holding it in from the outside, I am assuming
> the cap on top is the only holding and centering device. From what I
> can see, the pin either needs to be driven out or the cap needs to be
> ground away.
> I have some photos but when I went to the photos page, the links,
> Create New Album and Add Photos, are not present. The photos section
> is not full either.
> Regards,
> Fred

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