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Just a note here if your lathe was built around 1932 or earlier and
it was originally black in color these lathes were not painted in
the sense that we think of paint today. All black SB lathes and all
other black machines prior to 1930 were coated with Japanning. This
was not really paint and was more like today's powder coat. I have
restored many old machines with this coating on it and let me tell
you it is hard to replicate in any kind of today's paints.
Japanning was two parts boiled linseed oil two parts pure gum
turpentine and one part asphaltum or natural asphalt. The asfaltum
gave the mix its color and also was filler. Some times a little tree
rosin was added as a hardener. This stuff was a nasty smelling
thick goop that was applied to each part individually. After the
parts had air cured for a day or two they then went through a baking
process similar to powdered coatings. There were three or four
cycles of progressively hotter temperatures with the last one being
in the 350 to 400 degree range. Sometimes there was a little finish
work using fine pumas powder in between heating cycles. Japanning
is very thick as I have found it to be in the 1/32 to 3/32 inch
thickness range and this is very hard to do with paint of any kind.



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