Powder coating on the back porch?

Michael Wirth

New guy here (see my other posting today) with a SB 10K.

Don't have much space, just a corner in the garage. Certainly don't have a large oven in
which to bake powder coating on large parts of the lathe (at least, not without ending my
marriage of thirty-some years :-) So is powder coating a reasonable way to repaint lathe
parts or objects I make on it?

1. Good sources for powder? What's the right, "authentic" color? Just a battleship gray?

2. Do small coating guns (e.g., Sears or Harbor Freight units) work?

3. Any alternatives to an oven for baking on paint? Or do I need an oven anyway to bake
the oil out of old parts?

4. How do I mask areas (e.g., the ways)? Masking tape? Or will it bake on and become
hard to remove?

5. Any pics of successful paint jobs?


Mike Wirth
Palo Alto, CA

PS: The local Costco has shopping carts that have been reconditioned and powder coated
(speckly gray). If powder coating can take that abuse, it can handle anything! (Hmm...
maybe I can strap my 10K to a shopping cart and have it run through the same process :-)

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