New guy with a 1958-vintage SB 10K, with questions

Michael Wirth

Hi folks,

I'm a new guy here who is now the proud owner of a SB 10K (Model CL 670Z, 3 1/2" bed),
bought last Thursday (don't even have it home yet, nor have I cleared enough space in the
garage for it :-) Looks to be in nice condition, but certainly will need some work.

Naturally, I have some questions:

1. Got the Army "manual" (more like a parts list). Very useful. Thanks. Is there an
operation manual anywhere? Something related to this model, i.e., not the standard "How
to Operate a Lathe" book.

2. Is there a calibration/testing procedure anywhere, i.e., to produce the factory
calibration card that often comes with new lathes, showing runout, parallelism, etc?

3. Is there a disassembly/reassembly guide anywhere?

4. The Army manual shows a lubrication chart and (presumably obsolete)
recommendations on lubricants. Is there a chart of currently obtainable, best
recommendations for lubes? (something other than a long discussion thread, with lots of
differing personal opinions :-) For example, what's a good source for Teflon-loaded
grease for the spindle and backshaft?

Enough questions for this message.

Mike Wirth
Palo Alto, CA

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