Re: cleaning ways on newly acquired 13


Sounds like you have a gem, it may be a little worn after all its years of use and neglect, but it's probably more accurate than you will be until you learned methods that suit you and have accumulated experience of finding ways to work around any points of wear.
I used my Heavy 10 for some years with much more wear than your lathe. The lathe was much better and more accurate after the bed had been planed to restore correct surfaces on the ways -- but my work didn't get much better until I had slowly learned enough to exploit the new accuracy !
Though its certainly unsightly and objectionable, surface rust isn't a problem. Scrub the rusted surface with non-abrasive Scotch-bright scouring pads, and wash with petrol, alcohol, penetrating oil, or whatever you prefer. You'll be left with clean metal, and a good working surface. Sure, it will be pitted with small "holes", but these won't affect the accuracy of the surface until the holes are big enough to merge. Until that happens, the holes will simply hold a little extra oil to lubricate the working surfaces. If the holes are fairly big, they also hold dirt and tiny chips, so you will have a little extra cleaning job to do when the machine is wiped clean after use.
For a few years, be thankful, use your lathe to the best of your ability, and enjoy using it. You will learn more as time goes by, and when the day comes when you really need to have more accuracy, think about refurbishing or replacing your machine.
And try to figure just how many members of the group are jealous that their lathe isn't in the condition that your is in !

hardtoguess03 wrote:


I have been reading with great interest the FAQ, and a number of
articles regarding "restoring" older lathes.  This is because
yesterday, I brought home a newly acquired 13 inch SB.

I have done my best to examine this lathe for wear and overall
condition and have concluded that most of it is in very good shape
for its age.  There is one area, however that I am confused about --
the ways.

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