set-up frustrations


Hi group, I have another newbie question(I sure hope I am not
bothering everyone with these)that must have a logical answer.
I have finally finished my SB9-mdlA set-up and am ready to try my
very first cut ever on a lathe. I have a 1" piece of stock 12" long
that I want to set-up between centers for a test cut. My problem is
that my face-plate when threaded on my headstock spindle ends about
flush with the spindle threads, while the spindle sleeve with a dead
center protrudes about 2" out from the face-plate. The lathe dog I
bought(an import from Grizzly)for 1"stock only extends about 1-1/4",
therefore way short of reaching the face-plate slot. A live-center in
the sleeve extends out even more. Did I buy the wrong dogs?(the one
for 1-1/2" stock is also too short), are there some on the market that
have the reach I need? Or is there a set-up procedure that I am

Thanks for any help, Kim

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