4th july in UK

bob mills

Hello Paul
Thanks for replying, I am simply amazed at my computer skills but to be fair I think luck may have played more than a small part in my success at receiving a [very welcome] reply from a gentleman living over the pond in [West Suffield?] Conneticut. Re your 4th of july enquiry if my memory serves me correctly your reasons for celebrating this day may be a little different to ours but I'll tread carefully, my tongue in cheek sense of humour is sometimes misunderstood. I think we have probably chosen to brush it to one side as it was no tea party for our forefarthers being beaten as they were, but it was a while before my time and in consequence I feel no personal ill will. Nowadays it is made quite a feature in our junior schools, possibly apart from an excuse to party we may have forgiven the past.
Back to lathes as it were, I truly am one of the uneducated, my SB was purchased for and used in a small engineering company I started and was aquired to compliment a Myford [smaller] and a Colchester Student [bigger] and because I liked the "quality" look of it and I am a sucker for vintage cars and equipment.My kids say I like old things because I am old but it's an aesthetic thing I think.
There has been some response already to my question and I hope some more will come, it's likely I will have to sell it eventually, I sold on the business recently but bought back a few chosen items to enjoy but in reality I don't think that I'll get to give it the use it deserves.When I resolve the mysteries of putting photos into emails I will put pictures on a thing called a blog? for anyone to see
My very best regards 

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