Re: Lathe Work Bench

RichD <cmsteam@...>

my comment stands. I fully understand. I've used them. Not now.
The screws are in no way a contributing to the rigidity. The screws
flex/bend and rotate (not unscrew rotate) in the male thread when the
machine is operating with unbalanced forces. Why build a battleship
bench then stand it on stork feet?
Do it like us oldtimers. Shimmed and bolted. SOLID.
Just because the fancy adjustable mounts are sold, don't be unconcerened
if they will work or not.
Be happy.
RichD, Atlanta

aspensulphate wrote:

RichD <cmsteam@s...> wrote:

avoid the adjustable screw feet. Always makes a wiggly machine
Why use 2" tube then set on screws???
Weld 3.5" squares of 1/4 plate on the bottoms. SOLID footing. Shim
if you
have to on an uneven floor.

For the sake of brevity, I was not very clear on how this would be
done. A 2 x 2 x 1/2" thick steel plate, with a 1/2-13 tapped hole
in its center, would be welded to the bottom of each square tube
leg. The threaded hole will be for a "swivel leveling mount". These
mounts are routinely used as machine feet in industrial
applications. The ones I will use have a 2" diameter steel pad, with
a 1/2-13 threaded stud which connects to the pad with a ball &
socket joint. They will thus adapt to uneven surfaces, and will
allow precise machine leveling. Thanks for your comments.


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