Re: wanted a gear guard

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Hoi Glen,
long time ago,
We picked the SB9A in Belgium near Brussel . but he lives in Schijf a
very small place 5 km off the border from Belgium near Roosendaal.

The adres from Cor Vergouwen
Past van Leijsenstraat 22, 4721AR SCHIJF

i wrote righthanded but i twisted my arms i gues,
Its on the LEFTSIDE , .

Not the one on the Bullgear.
Thanks Glen and the others to for there anwsers.


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I think I have one Bert. I'll check tonight.

Where in Belgium is your friend?


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High all
A frend of my bought (with some help from me ) a SB9A in Belgium.
One item is missing ,one guard over de gear off the headstock
The righthanded one,not the one over the bull gear, but the other.
Is there somebody here who has a one for him ?.
Already checked Ebay but nothing there on the moment
Thanks in advance

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