Re: I need a mill


A good choice for a small mill is a Clausing 8520. See eBay listing
7542251011. These small mills generally sell for a lot more than a
full size Bridgeport. Guys like them because they fit in the shop
better than a 9 foot behemoth. I have no connection with the
seller, but if I was wthin 100 miles of him I would surely bid on it.

Glen Reeser

--- In, Mark <jamiebond@s...> wrote:
The Van Norman mills are nice the only draw back is
no quil, but you
can use the knee to drill.
Or find an M or J head and mount it on the horizontal
support bar, thats what I did and its the best of both

The other drawbacks on the VN are the limited but not
unobtainable 5v spindle tooling and low rpm. Both of
which are taken care of with an M or J head on the
horizontal support bar.


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