Motor frame size

dconway00 <dconway00@...>

Have taken possession of a heavy 10 and in the process of cleaning
etc. before putting into service. The motor question still remains to
be resolved but am making some progress.

The lathe came with a Delco E2 motor - 1 hp, 460V, 3 phase with a 182
frame. As I have not found any diagram for rewiring to 230/220 I am
contemplating replacing the motor but I am finding limited (read
expensive) choices for this"large" a frame. I currently have the
cabinet up side down for cleaning - would not want to replace a motor
with the cabinet right side up- and notice that there are a number of
tapped holes in the mounting plate that appear to accomodate other
frame size motors. Would like to hear from other heavy 10 owners as to
what size frme motor they are using.



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