Re: Removing a 9" spindle



I agree with Bob. I just removed mine a few weeks back.
I took a scrap piece of soft wood (pine) and used a 3lb hammer and with
a few sharp whacks the spindle was driven past the bull gear and the
rest pulled out by hand. Upon re-installing the spindle you will need
to 'whack' it back into place. Be careful that you don't relocate the
headstock on the lathe bed with all the `whacking'. This could cause
the gearing to not mesh properly. No big deal just loosen the
headstock mounting bolts reposition and retighten the bolts. I took
the time to clean the bed ways and headstock at this time so it was use
full, but not expected.



--- In, "Scott Sinclair" <scott@u...>
I'm trying to get the spindle out of the headstock on a Hercus 9"
Model A (South Bend clone) and for the life of me can't move the bull
gear along the spindle.

I've seen some posts that say you simply hit the spindle toward the
tailstock to dislodge it from the bull gear (I already have the V-
pulley spinning freely and moving along the spidle as much as it can)
and have removed the collar at the gearbox end of shaft, but I'm
reluctant to simply start bashing the thing with a hammer and lump of

Can anyone let me in on the secret of how this is done?

Any advice appreciated...

Scott - Australia.

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