heavy 10 parts and heavy 10 wholes

Jeff Beck

Before I go to the bay with this I figured I would post here. I just
got in an entire older style heavy 10 (single lever gear box but with
5C headstock), it will be selling in parts. Contact me OFFLINE if you
need anything from it. For tooling it has a mic stop,most of a collet
rack, threading dial and a handwheel closer, no chucks. I sell parts
as entire assys for the most part, ie: entire apron or entire

In addition I still have 2 whole heavy 10s in stock both in nice

1) Old style, 1-7/8 spindle, single lever, 3/4jaw, tubular frame
base, 110v motor setup.
2) Recent large spindle, dual tumbler, lever clutch,cabinet base, 5c
lever closer, steadyrest,3jaw chuck, hard bed.

I have contemplated swapping the parts headstock on to the #1 lathe
to make it more desirable (5C) but im not sure its worth the work yet.

I get great freight rates (except to the west coast)


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