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I think that I have finally figured it out. Please confirm if
the following is correct. The descriptions in the files REALLY
bend over backwards to try and make this as 10 times as complicated
as it really is:

All you need are three gears:

1) A 20 tooth on the spindle
2) Any kind of idler, usually an 80 on the banjo, and
3) A 56 on the gearbox with anything as a spacer behind it.

To cut accurate metric threads you replace the idler gear
with a 127:100 combo gear.

Is this correct?

Gene Horr
This is correct except when you want to use the coarsest feeds you
swap the 20 tooth on the reverse tumbler with a 40 tooth gear that is
usually stored as the spacer on the 56 tooth gear on the gearbox.

If you have trouble finding a 20 tooth gear, I have made a few that I
have sold to others on the list for $20. I still have a couple
left. Email me directly if you are interested.


Glen Reeser

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