Re: my not so Rusty 'Ol Cross Slide-cross slide lock?


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Good morning.
The saddle-apron-cross slide assembly is out of the
bath, and on the surface anyway, is quite rust free! The cross
slide is
still frozen on the compound rest and on the saddle. While I was
to free up the compound rest swivel-I found the two allen head
screws that keep it in place, loosened them, and with a few taps
of a
hammer, loosened and lubed and it swivels freely.
These two screws ride on two pins with angled ends that clamp the
inverted cone shaped mounting spud of the compound. This is all
that holds the compound on the carriage. You will have to unscrew
them quite a ways for the pins to clear the wide part of the cone to
completely remove the compound.

There must be some kind of locking mechanism on the compound
to keep it from sliding on the swivel and a lock on the on the
too, right? It's difficult to tell from the parts diagram in the
manual,but it looks like the screw on top of the compound rest
bears down on the cross-feed screw and that locks it in place on
saddle, or the screw in the graduated collar?
I don't see anything on the compound rest except a screw on the
collar.But it seems to me that the screw in the collar must be
there to
zero it or adjust it so I'm utterly confused here.
Can anybody direct me to a better exploded parts view with a
better explanation - like cross-feed travel locking nut maybe?:)

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