Re: Metric threading "close enough" chart

brettn048 <Brett3ww@...>


Unfortunately, when you're cutting metric threads with an English lead-
screw, the same mark doesn't get you to the same thread. You pretty
much have to forget the threading dial.

The advice I've seen posted before around here (search on "metric") is
to leave the half-nuts or the clutch knob locked in and just stop and
reverse the motor to power the carriage back to the start of each cut.
And you can do the last turn by hand if you have to, to set it exactly
where you want to start.

I know it doesn't sound all that easy, but after a few cuts you start
getting a feel for how it goes.


--- In, "albieguy" <albieguy@y...> wrote:

Brett, Thanks for the info, I guess the only
remaining question is in using the threading dial.
I'm guessing to be safe just use the same mark
each time.

The generous sharing of information
on the board is only surpassed by the
quality of the information, amazing.

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